Since 2012, Perfect Earth has developed various online, mobile and traditional games. All games are targeted at children in the age group 7-12.


Perfect Earth Explorer – Rainforest Edition (2014) is a physical card game in which 2-3 players introduce animals to their own Rainforest. Threatened species generate more points than common species, and placing an animal in its favorite habitat will trigger bonus points. Order the Dutch version for EUR 9,99. If you are interested in one or more copies of the English edition, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.



Perfect Earth Animals (2016) is a mobile trading card game that allows players to collect over 170 different animal cards by navigating to physical locations in national parks and forests. Double animal cards can be traded with (or gifted to) friends in a unique, yet privacy-friendly way. Download the game for iOS or Android.



Animal Challenge (expected in the summer of 2018) is a mobile puzzle game, which we will also make available on game portals. The game presents a virtually endless string of puzzle challenges for both children and adults to enjoy. The puzzles come in a variety of themes and difficulty levels. The game is free to download and provides access to the first full theme. Additional themes can be unlocked via in-app-purchase.