Since 2012, Perfect Earth has developed various online, mobile and traditional games. All games are targeted at children in the age group 7-12.


Perfect Earth Explorer – Rainforest Edition (2014) is a physical card game in which 2-3 players introduce animals to their own Rainforest. Threatened species generate more points than common species, and placing an animal in its favorite habitat will trigger bonus points. Order the Dutch version for EUR 9,99.



Perfect Earth Animals (2016) is a mobile trading card game that allows players to collect over 150 different animal cards by navigating to physical locations in national parks and forests. Double animal cards can be traded with friends in a bespoke way. Download the game for iOS or Android.



Perfect Earth Orangutans (expected in 2017) is a board game that is currently in development. 2-6 players have to bring their Orangutan family to the beloved fig trees, but in order to do so, they will have to grow back a deforested patch of rainforest, avoid snakes and collaborate.



Perfect Earth RecycleBot (expected in 2017) is a a card game of 108 cards, which has 2 players discover the magic of recycling trash items to be able to produce new objects. A bit of luck and a good dose of strategy will have the best ‘recycle master’ come out on top.



Perfect Earth Expedition (expected in 2017) is a board game in concept phase.