Perfect Earth EDU stands for Perfect Earth in education. We are developing an online environment for nature and climate education, aimed at increasing awareness for the environment amongst kids and helping children discover the impact of their actions on nature and our climate.

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At this point we focus our educational efforts in The Netherlands only. We have been granted an MIT R&D collaboration subsidy by the Dutch government, to support the development of the platform.

We have launched our first theme, Energy, which has been tested with various schools and has rolled out to 19 schools within a year after it was first released.

We are currently developing two more themes, Water and Food, which are aimed for release in September of 2018. The three theme together comprise roughly 30 hours of education. In 2019 we are determined to add yet another three themes: Resources, Nature Management and Mobility.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, we kindly refer you to our (Dutch) Perfect Earth EDU website: